Focused Commitment


Indigo was founded in 1996 with a focused commitment to apartment property management services. Our business model is to selectively align ourselves with quality clients who value a proactive entrepreneurial approach to property management and are not content with mass production, assembly line property management firms. While there is a need for larger, assembly line firms, we feel it is essential a management firm have the capacity to manage each asset as a unique investment and initiate timely operational change to capitalize on market opportunities that subsequently increase the overall valuation of the asset.

We do not own any of the communities we manage, yet we manage as if we were the owner. We are passionate about the select property management engagements we accept and have never been terminated by a client since our inception except when completing a full cycle engagement concluding with sale of the asset.

We possess nationally and regionally recognized conventional and affordable apartment management expertise offering full-service and customized property management solutions including lease-up services, "value added" real estate enhancement through renovation, creative marketing, and compliance monitoring and administration.

It is important to remember that we are in a service and people-oriented business. As such, our apartment rental customers are referred to as residents (not tenants), they live in apartment homes (not units), and all the apartment homes make up a wonderful community (not complex).

"IN-DI-GO" represents the following three golden rule characteristics that each team member must have:

  • - TEGRITY: unimpaired moral principles; honesty; soundness
  • - LIGENCE: steady application; consistent effort; applied common sense
  • - FOR IT ATTITUDE!: enthusiastic; initiatory; flexible

Indigo Real Estate Services is about professionals - a team of individuals dedicated to providing the best housing alternatives to our residents while enhancing the property's value for our clients.

We do not accept reusable tenant screening reports