testimonial from a happy resident

It is my pleasure to recommend Indigo Real Estate Services, Inc. as a premier multifamily investment management company. During the past ten years, Indigo has managed nine investment grade properties valued at more than 250 million dollars for our company. During their tenure, every property has increased substantially in value. Their common sense approach and “hands on” management style maximizes performance. I have worked with more than twenty management companies, both large and small, during the past fourteen years and have found Indigo to be the best at increasing income while controlling risk. Sometimes the secret to success is knowing what not to do. Many management companies either over-manage or under-manage. This results in the onsite management team deferring decisions which can cost the property a great deal of money. Indigo’s success can be contributed to their unique ability to hire, empower, and motivate exceptional people while lending them just enough support to allow them to achieve their greatest potential. This formula for success has resulted in extremely positive results in the form of millions of dollars to investors."

Brad Marting - Delaware Investments
testimonial from a happy resident

In working with dozens of property management companies throughout the country, I must say that Indigo Real Estate is known for going the extra mile. Hands on and actively immersed within the industry, Indigo is one of the few companies that understands the importance of hiring and retaining the “right” people and training them to excel in all aspects of property management, specifically leasing and marketing. Their team understands the “basics” and it’s reflected in the strong operational performance I’ve observed within their portfolio."

Becki Beusch, President - Seattle Apartment Finders
testimonial from a happy resident

Since our inception in 1969 we have provided landscape maintenance services for many of the major property management firms in the Puget Sound area. We have worked with Indigo Real Estate Services for over 12 years, and in that time we have not dealt with a more professional group of people. From the owners to the regional managers to the on-site staff, Indigo is dedicated to the highest level of service. Communication is key, with expectations clearly laid out, realistic, and conveyed in a respectful manner. This respect, for their property owners, vendors, and managers fosters a team attitude with all sides focused on working together for the ultimate success of their properties. It is so refreshing to work with property managers who are not only committed to their client’s well being, but are unusually warm and friendly in their relationships with their employees and vendors. At each level, from the owners, to the regional managers, to the on-site staff, Indigo is dedicated to clearly communicating their expectations and showing their appreciation when they are met. This is reflective in the professional atmosphere they create, where all members of the team work together for the ultimate success of the properties they manage."

Mike Moshcatel - Earthworks

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